Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd (TOCOS) begun its operation in 1957 as an electronic components manufacturer specializing in quality potentiometer products for industrial applications. Since then, we have expanded the portfolios of potentiometers serving customer needs. On another front, we started a mass production of electronic components for automotive applications in 1976 and wireless modules in 2010. This is how we have grown steadily as an electronic components manufacturer.

In pursuit of our slogan of CS (Customer Satisfaction), we have established a system which responds quickly to customers various needs in a greatly changing global economy.

In particular, linking organically sales division and engineering development division at headquarters to three local factories in Japan, two factories in China and four sales reps at home and abroad, we work to advance development, production, logistics and quality assurance swiftly and flexibly

Amidst an ever-improving electronic technology, we have expanded our business scale to a peripheral technology and product area using conventional potentiometer technologies and addressed technological innovations in automotive electronic components as well. In one example, we developed a high volume production of non-contacting angle sensors and wireless modules.
We hope we will contribute to society continuously through product developments and supply that provides an interface between human and instruments.

With regard to environmental efforts, TOCOS has been a global environment standard of ISO14001 certified company and advances company-wide campaigns such environment conscious product (ECP) and development and design control resource consumption by proper inventory management of products and part. We also focus on a thorough address of compliances and establish internal controls. All executives and employees observe such processes and laws and regulations related to the operations so as to establish further transparent and reliable system.

Your further cooperation and continued support will be much appreciated.