• Products information

Products information


Products of Sato Parts Co., Ltd.
Major product line : Control Knobs, Molded Knobs, Metal Knobs

Guidelines and precautions for using TOCOS products

Application Notes(PDF 0.5MB)

Glossary and Measurement(PDF 0.9MB)

Application Notes(PDF 1.5MB)

Information(PDF 1.2MB)

Stocked Standard Model(PDF 0.3MB )

Products catalogue

・Trimmer Potentiometers (PDF 2.5MB)
・Potentiometers for Industrial (PDF 8.1MB)
・Long-Life Potentiometers (PDF 1.5MB)
・Potentiometers for Consumer (PDF 1.5MB)
・Application Notes(PDF 0.9MB)
・Portable Transceivers(PDF 0.5MB)
・Potentiometers for Electric wheelchairs, Vehicle for disabled persons and Electric cart (PDF 1.3MB)
・TP7 P'GRID Series (PDF 0.6MB)
・RoHS compliant Selector switches catalogue of GS43 series (PDF 0.8MB)
・RSM12C(PDF 0.5MB)
・TP76N00B(PDF 0.2MB)