Counterfeit, pirated and other infringing products


Dear customer

Thank you very much for using TOCOS products.

We have noticed that some counterfeit products labeled TOCOS are sold mostly in East Asia these days. We have acquired intellectual property right for our products or applied for a patent.
We, therefore, do not allow using the intellectual property right by any other parties.

We are concerned these counterfeit products which do not meet our TOCOS quality specifications can result in poor equipment performance and a serious failure while in use.

Even if these counterfeit products use any technologies belong to our own intellectual property right, we can't guarantee these are with the same quality and meet safety standards.
We have no responsibility for any failure or damages suffered by using such counterfeit products, which please note.

We will take strong action against counterfeit production and supply that infringe our own intellectual property right and sales of products with “counterfeits”, with a view to warning and taking legal steps.