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TOCOS Low Profile, Long life VR RVQ24YN06 series

Kanagawa, Japan-Oct. 2012-- Tokyo Cosmos Elec. announces to receive orders of production part RSM012 from November 2012.

薄型・高寿命タイプVR RVQ24YN06 シリーズ

RVQ24YN06 has realized approx 26% lower feature size compared to existing products while maintaining the level of reliability equivalent to existing RVQ24YN03 type .

The lower design will allow more flexibility in installation of industrial equipment and automobiles and make a contribution to small sized equipment.

Because the RVQ24YN06 also has compatibility with mounting pad portion of equipment, it is subject to replacement.


Various applications;

Accelerator sensors for electric scooters, pedal volume control for electric pianos, construction equipment (Power shovel), Farm machinery (Combine harvester, tractor)