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TOCOS 360°panel mount Non-contact Angle Sensor RSM28

Kanagawa, Japan-Oct. 2009-- Tokyo Cosmos Elec. introduces 360°panel mount non-contact angle sensor RSM28

Engineering sample supply: Start in November 2009


TOCOS now releases newly developed 360°panel mount non-contact angle sensor RSM28. In addition to low cost standard models, waterproof and magnet shielded types are optionally available to customers’ requirements.Output characteristics are customizable and detection angle from narrow angle to max.
360°are settable.

Low impedance allows the load resistance to lower.
Because of having no sliding electrical contacts in the sensors, wear of contacts produced by dither movements or contacting problems caused by siloxane will be eliminated and lead to highly reliable and durable sensors supply.

The sensors with built-in magnetic shield structure (option) is well-thought-out for reducing influence by the external magnetic field and can be used in environment with magnetic noise close to motors. Sensors are customizable.

■ Features
・ Long life.  Low cost. High reliability
・ Disconnection and failure at diagnosis domain of output top/bottom area can be detected
・ Option: Magnet shielded type available                                                                      
・ Option: User-selectable of elec. effective angle and gradient polarity                       
・ Option: User-selectable of waterproof IP rating                                                                                                                 

・Vehicles (Angle detection of pedals, steering)            
・Industrial machinery, Medical equip. (Angle detection of rotating section)